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Research on the Benefits of Regular Exposure to UV Light

At TANTANIC, we make it easy to have the perfect tan year round and we are taking sun-bed tanning to whole new place for patrons of the Texas Hill Country. Life is stressful, so why not treat yourself? Our tanning spa provides a relaxing setting for you to bask in the sun – all year around. Visit us today to get the ultimate tan!

We offer a variety of ways to achieve your optimal tan, from tanning beds to stand-up booths and spray tanning. Relax and unwind while using our high performance, latest technology tanning equipment. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will make you feel comfortable and are ready to help you get the look you desire. Feel refreshed and get ready to enjoy the end result - a stunning, bronze glow to your body!

Call to schedule an appointment today! Ask us about our special tanning packages. Walk-ins always welcome.

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Questions?  The following resource gives a  balanced review of the effects of indoor tanning. – a health-education web site run by Dr. Joseph Mercola – published an essay examining a peer-reviewed research paper in the journal Public Health Nutrition arguing that the benefits of regular UV exposure outweigh the risks.


“It can be estimated that over exposure to the sun might at worst result in 200 to 300 more melanoma deaths per year, but it would elevate vitamin D status by approximately 25 nmol/l and could result in 4000 fewer internal cancers and approximately 3000 fewer cancer deaths overall.” Dr John Mohan and his colleagues from the University of Osla Department of Radiation Biology wrote in the same article, “the lack of sunlight exposure leads to more health problems than bone disease and non-cancerous diseases (diabetes, cardio vascular disease, multiple sclerosis and mental disorders).”


It’s my opinion that uncontrolled, over exposure to UV light is bad, whether it is received outdoors or in a tanning bed. The difference is that at TANTANIC trained tanning technicians control the amount of exposure based on the user’s skin type. The key words are trained and control which is very hard to achieve when outdoors.


Remember to use sunscreen and protective clothing anytime you are going to be outdoors for any length of time and to stop by our salon to get that that healthy looking tan you’ve always wanted.