Top-Notch Tanning Equipment

TANTANIC is the place to go when you want the perfect tan. Our premier salon has the best tanning beds and booths in Kerrville. We pride ourselves on providing a clean and sanitary environment.  Once you've visited our facility, you won't want to tan anywhere else!

Our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to the highest standards. Before you begin, our tanning specialists will perform a skin type analysis to determine the best tanning options for you. We make sure to find out exactly the level of tan you desire first, before recommending a tanning schedule for you.

When you come to TANTANIC, you get more than just a tan - you are pampered from the moment you walk in the door with luxury amenities, friendly service and a private, welcoming environment. Each room has a CD player or choose your favorite radio station, kick back and relax.

With a wide range of available tanning beds, stand-up and sunless spray tan booth, there's something for everyone at TANTANIC.

Our tanning equipment will give you the best tan in Kerrville. All of our tanning options provide a comfortable and relaxing experience with outstanding results.

We offer very affordable prices in a variety of packages to fit your specific tanning needs. Learn more about our tanning beds, stand-up booths and UV-free spray tanning below.


Don't forget to check out our special offers, and ask our friendly staff if you need assistance.

State of the Industry Tanning Beds

The most popular product at TANTANIC! 50 160-watt lamps plus additional high-pressure neck and facial lamps ensure an even full-body tan and includes built-in climate control.  Each room has a stereo radio/CD player to provide maximum comfort and a relaxing environment while tanning.

Sunless Spray-Tan 

Get the tan you've always wanted, completely UV-free, with our sunless tanning. This high-tech spray tan system provides gentle skin care and an even, bronzed color tan. No streaking and very natural looking, preventing you from getting the "orange glow" look.

1304 Junction Hwy - Suite 725
Kerrville, TX 78028
Phone: 830 257-7297
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Hours of Operation

Extended hours of operation to fit your busy schedule! We're now open:
Monday - Friday: 8 AM to 7 PM

Saturday: Noon to 7 PM

Closed Sunday

Our team of certified tanning experts is happy to answer all of your questions. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our tanning, sunless tanning and red light therapy services.

New Skin Care Products
We offer an extensive line of bronzers, accelerators, moisturizers and tinglers, customized to fit your tanning goals.